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Cryolipolysis slimming equipment

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Name:Safe and fast weight loss 4 handles cryolipolysis slimming machine with cheap price
Product Features:
1. 4 therapy heads with touch screen ,
2. Any of two,three ,four cryo handles could work simultaneously .
3. Machine with heat massage program .
4. With suction switch .
5 .With water detecting system .
6. With temperature testing system .

Fat freezing therapy is a breakthrough, non-invasive procedure that uses cooling technology to noticeably eliminate fatwithout surgery.Your doctor will determine if you are a good candidate and work with you to determine the best treatment plan during a one-on-one consultation.

Fat freezing is CE and RoHS cleared for the flanks (love handles) and abdomen and is proven to be a safe and effective treatment. Typically, there is minimal to no downtime after the treatment though patients may experience temporary pain or discomfort. Side effects can include redness, bruising, swelling, tenderness to the touch, cramping, itching, tingling, and numbness. Nubness can persist up to several weeks after a procedure. Your doctor can talk to you more about what to expect during and after treatment when you meet for your consultation

Fat freezing is a new, invasive way to reduce fat in target parts of body. It freeze triglyceride(a meterial of fat), which will freeing, coagulation in specific low temperature.
1. NO Downtime
2. Safety : Fat freezing is specially designed, and it replaces the surgical operation to loss weight.
3. Effect : Suitable to a wilder range of customers, instant treatment effect, long-term effect
4. Service : As it avoided various kinds of surgical operation effects, the treatment becomes more private and comfortable.
5. Cost : durable consumable material, low treatment consuming cost.

1. Slimming and fat dissolving
2. Improve blood circulation and metabolism
3. Smooth scar and wrinkles
4. Smooth striae gravidarum
5. Enhance fibroblast elastic tissue
6. Weight loss, slimming
7. cellulite reduction

Wavelength 650nm
Temperature -10 °C~5°C
Vacuum pressure -105KPa
Display 10.4 and 3.5 colour touch screen
Working  All Heads work at the same time
Size of Cryo head Extra large:270*85*68mm ,large size:180*100*60mm,Middle:155*80*45mm
Voltage 110v-220v
Cooling system Closed-off water circulation+air
Warranty One years
Certificate CE certificate