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Vela shape, body contouring system

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Name:Professional V9 roller massager machine vacuum roller velashape II machine for sale
Product Features:
  • Feature: Breast Enhancers, Weight Loss
  • handles: 40kz+T5MHz RF+Roller+infarared+Vacuum
  • support: CE ,OEM
  • functions: body weight loss /sculptor,face lifting ,wrinkle removal
  • screen: touch color 8 inches
  • shipping: DHL ,UPS,Fedex
  • RF: 5Mhz
  • Vaccum: 30-90Kpa
  • infrared light wave length: 700nm
  • Roller speed: 50r/min
  • name: Vela Shape body machine RF& vacuum&infrared & automatic roller
Velashape(Vacuum Roller with RF Cellulite Massager )is the latest non-invasive alternative that’s clinically proven to reduce localized fat deposits and body circumference to meet the needs of your patients. It delivers pulsed focused ultrasound to mechanically (non-thermal) and selectively destroy fat cells at a designated focal point in the subcutaneous fat layer.

It is a comfortable and simple, “walk-in, walk-out” procedure, with long-lasting measurable results, high patient satisfaction and with no reported adverse events.
Four skills :

-Infrared light heats the tissue up to 2mm depth.

-Radio Frequency (RF) heats tissue from 5 to ~ 15mm depth.

-Vacuum +massage mechanisms enable precise targeting of energy to the tissue.

-Mechanical massage provides lymphatic drainage (dermal and hypodermal ).

Biological Impact of Treatment -Increased -abolism leading to demarcated desired
ana-bolic and catabolic alterations at predeter-mined skin components and depths.


1. Body slimming, contouring & shaping

2. Cellulite reduction

3. Skin Tightening

4. Wrinkle Removal

5. Warm Massage

6.Eyelid area treatment

Large RF body Roller Vacuum handle:

Vacuum pressure: 30-90 KPA

 Infrared light wavelength: 700nm

 Roller speed: 50r/min

 R.F Energy: 30W

 R.F Frequency: 5MHZ

 Photon: Blue,Red,Green
Middle RF Arm Roller Vacuum handle:

Vacuum pressure: 30-90 KPA

 R.F Energy: 20W

 Roller speed: 30r/min

 R.F Frequency: 5MHZ

Small RF Face Roller Vacuum handle:

Vacuum pressure: 30-90 KPA

 R.F Energy: 10W

 Roller speed: 30r/min

 R.F Frequency: 5MHZ

Cavitation Handle: