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Vela shape, body contouring system

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Name:3 in1 digital rotation system Rf 40k Vacuum Cavitation body slimming devices
Product Features:
Short time for treatment,no need for recovery
3in1 digital rotation system Rf 40k Vacuum Cavitation body slimming devices

product general introduction

Fatness, a stumbling block of hindering the women to pursuit the beauty, the incubus of

making the women torture but no way to change it. Usually when the Calories is

overabundance, it will change into fat, and store up in the subcutaneous layer or all

around the viscera, beside the adipose layer is too thick and the fat includes heart or

it comes into being hepatic adipose infiltration. In the modern life, the fatness is being

the chronic, and evolve all kinds of side-effect,and what a re the reasons that causepeople to be fat ?




3.Short time for treatment,no need for recovery.

4.High visible effect,no need to be moderate in eating.

5.Not influence normal living and working.



Replace and exceed liposuction by surgery.

 Tighten flabby skin.

 Promote metabolism so that the rubbish of body excreted rapidly.

 Repair striae gravidarum.

 Relax muscles, alleviate the muscle cramps, alleviate pain of muscle;

 Lose weight and slimming (rapid elimination of fat, waist and abdomen shaped, buttocks-shaped, leg-shaped)

 principle of operation

This machine can be directly used for cunsuming

and breaking up fat group quickly and then absorbed by the lymphatic system,

eliminating from the body,at last you will get the perfect effect of slimming

waist, reducing the fat of abdomen, beautifying legs, rising the buttocks.