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Cavitation slimming series

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Name:Cryolipolysis cryotherapy Dual 658nm&980 nm Lipolaser RF Cavitation ultrasonic machine fast fit weight loss
Product Features:

cryolipolysis machine
1.cryotherapy+vacuum+led light(red,blue)
2.single cryolipolysis handles
3.CE ROHS ISO13485

Cryolipolysis cryotherapy Dual 658nm&980 nm Lipolaser RF Cavitation ultrasonic machine fast fit weight loss

Cryolipolysis working TheoryCryolipolysis machine is a new, non-invasive,safe way to gently and effectively reduce targeted fat that results in a noticeable, natural-looking fat reduction of the body
RF Technology instructionRF That Radio Frequency, often abbreviated as RF. Said to be radiated electromagnetic frequency space, the frequency range between 300KHz ~ 300GHz; RF current is greater than a second change called high-frequency current abbreviation 10,000 times
Cavitation ultrasonic ultrasound instructionUltrasonic Cavitation liposuction is an advanced bariatric surgery. The technology uses ultrasonic Cavitation liposuction device sends a certain frequency and a certain energy ultrasound in the skin, so that the liquid inside and outside the cells to produce a lot of voids. When these micro voids occur "within the explosion", the ultrasonic energy is turned around sharply, leading to fat cell rupture.
Cryolipolysis Result With precise cooling,cryolipolysis procedure can reduce unwanted abdominal fat, love handles (flanks), and back fat.Fat layer will be reduced by 20 to 40 percent,additional cryolipolysis procedures can be performed after one month, resulting in another 20 percent reduction.The results are permanent as the body cannot create new fat cells.