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I lipo laser

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Name:Lipolaser liposuction 650nm laser weight loss beauty equipment
Category:I lipo laser
Product Features:
Lipolaser liposuction 650nm laser weight loss beauty equipment
1.Lipolysis system equipment
2.Laser fat remvoal machine
3.Laser liposuction slimming

Lipolaser liposuction 650nm laser weight loss beauty equipment on promotion

laser for fat reduction,use the 650nm soft laser to destroy the deep fat cells,
broke the cell membrane,change the fat to triglyceride,
then leave out the body thanks to metabolism.
The laser heat can Stimulate the subcutaneous dermal tissue collagen
and elastic fibers hyperplasia,make the treated area skin tighten and elasticity .


Intensive physical lipolysis to remove fat

Excess fat cell melted

Body slimming, cellulite reduction

Smooth Fatigue

Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals

Promote the body's metabolism


Treatment procedure:
3 time treatments as 1 procedure.
The first treatment is to destroy the fat cells.
The second treatment is to reduce the fat.
The third treatment is to keep the treatment result.

The new technology is used to reduce the fat,not like some machines to reduce the body water, real treat result for reducing the fat,loss weight,keep slim.


1.It offers the smoothest,best body-contouring result
2.It entails only a short recovery time
3.Minimal disounts is involved
4.It is safer than traditional liposuction
5.It tightens the skin around the treatment area
6.It is more affordable than triditional liposuction
7.The results are permanent

decode control operaiton;
treat time adjustable;
Output frequency: 1-1000HZ,40KHZ,5MH
Technology: laser
Energy output: 18*40MW(Total 0.72W)
Wavelength: 650nm

Handles: 4 big pads, 2 smaller pads

X4,X2 laser intensity:1Hz~1000Hz adjustable

X4 for thigh, X2 for arms;


Screen: Color touch screen

Size: 54cm*50cm*33cm